RIP Michael…

I can’t take it this week. Ed McMahon dies, the deadliest crash in DC Metro history happened basically down the street, Farrah Fawcett died today and then I got this news and my heart just dropped. Michael Jackson died today. I loved this man with all of my little girl soul. I knew the most useless facts about him and bragged that he shared a birthday with my stepdad.

From humble beginnings at 2300 Jackson Street, to The Jackson 5, to The Jacksons, to Off The Wall, to Thriller, to Bad, to Dangerous, to HIStory, and beyond…I fell in love with him around age 5 and had that unconditional-type love people have for their favorite artist. Hell, in high school I was voted “most likely to marry a Jackson”. I seriously own ALL of his and the Jackson 5/Jacksons songs and have ALL of the Jackson 5 cartoons on VHS. I have ALL of his videos, a lunchbox, and the Billie Jean poster. Yall just don’t know…young (and old) me love love loved some MJ.

I can’t believe when I heard the news I just pulled the car over and said a prayer.

Rest In Peace Michael.

P.S.-I’m choosing to remember the good music and the good aspects of his life at this time. If you have a negative comment, I’m going to ask that you refrain from leaving it right now out of respect for those of us who are deeply saddened. thriller-michael-jackson


5 thoughts on “RIP Michael…

  1. Hi there…

    What will we do without Michael Jackson’s imprint…

    It is just sooo horribly sad…

    The world is still just grieving so tremendously… no one can get over it… it’s sad that Michael didn’t realize how deeply he was loved and how much his gift was cherished in this world….

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