Honestly, for me there isn’t much worse than being stuck at home sick on a rainy/gray day. All of my friends are at work, and D is upstairs asleep because you know he does that noctournal thing–work at night, sleep during the day. Boooo.

I found out yesterday that I have Mono AGAIN. The last time I had it was in high school, and I was out of school for the entire month of March. All I could do and can do now is sleep and go online/watch TV. Yesterday I slept for about 18 hours and when I woke up, I still felt like I’d just run a marathon.

I plan on heading back to work tomorrow for at least a half day, provided I don’t fall right the hell out and go to sleep at my desk. This ish is brutal…not because I feel so sick, but because I’m some kind of freakishly tired. My boss is like “stay outta here if you’re contagious, but ummm can you hurry up and get well cuz we need you??”. It’s nice to know that I’m appreciated at work, but work is kind of the reason why I’m so run down in the first place. I’ve been working like 10-12 hour days every day trying to make up for being a worker short and I’ve gotten run down and haven’t taken the time to stay up on my vitamins and other “keep me going” goodness. So now my body is like “bish, you will sleep. NOW” lol.

I have had LOTS of time to sit and think about some stuff, so hopefully I’ll get it together and write about it. Toodles for now, I’m going back to bed.


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