Bootleg This

So like most people, I’m no stranger to the bootleg man. DVDs, CDs, jewelry, etc all obtained at a super cheap price and usually not quite right. You know…you just bought your copy of a movie that’s still in theaters, so you’re all hyped but someone’s head is in the middle of the screen. Or instead of Nikes with a swoosh on the side, your sneakers say “Mike” and have a sharp ass check mark on the side? Exactly…not quite right.

I know all about bootleggin stuff, but I always assumed that there are things that just can’t be bootlegged. Microwaves, refrigerators, that kind of thing. And of course, cars. Seriously, how the hell can you bootleg a car? Not like you can toss it in   extra burner and make another copy, right?

Wrong. Dead ass wrong. The other night I was headed to the store and I pulled up behind a pickup truck. At first I didn’t really pay attention to it, but then I saw this:

izusu1 and a little closer…

izusu2Process that for a second. I’ll wait…

Yup, they bootlegged an Isuzu. I have no problem with it I guess, except for the fact that they spelled the name wrong. It’s Isuzu, not Izusu. Womp womp. You can’t tell from the pics, but the truck was waxed up and shiny like a fat woman trying to fit in a pleather catsuit. Fresh detailed wheels and all. *Insert Price Is Right ‘fail’ music here*

Of all things in this world, why bootleg a brand of vehicle that is known for being a deathtrap?? Perhaps when it’s time for me to purchase my next vehicle, I’ll get a bootleg Honda. I can see it now, my pink Ronda Daccord on 22s…


4 thoughts on “Bootleg This

  1. Yeah seeing this truck that night was a freakin trip! I told my wife maybe the real name of the brand is a Ta-doo-doo. They were probably ashamed of the original name so they wanted to put the name of the brand that is favors. I wish we could have at least figured out who owned it.

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