Gimp Status

So I’ve been meaning to write a post, but I haven’t been able to because I couldnn’t quite get my hand around the mouse properly and I was only able to type but so fast.

I seriously sprained my wrist last week and I’m in a hard splint (aka a daggone cast) for another six days so my right hand (yeah, I’m right handed) is all tilted to the side and sore. But only I can jack my own fool self up by moving furniture. I’m so damn hardheaded and impatient, I tried to move a 300lb entertainment unit that still had the TV on it by myself because I didn’t want to wait the five minutes for D to finish what he was doing. Fail. Big time.  The doctor at the urgent care place was like “you vs. furniture and the helpless,defenseless furniture won”–all while sqeezing my poor swollen wrist like a dinner roll and making me squeal in pain.

Anyway, I’ve learned to get around this beast on my wrist so I should be posting like normal. Not like people are still reading this stuff though….


7 thoughts on “Gimp Status

  1. I’m not going to scold you because the pain is probably punishment enough but, good God, woman! You got that big strong man and he is oh, so useful for so many, many reasons (I say this and, of course, I’ve done crazy-ass stuff like this myself). 😉

    • He laughed once we got home from the urgent care. Walked away, came back then looked at my arm all wrapped up and laughed again. D: 1 my ego: 0 LOL.

  2. OUCH!! I can only imagine the pain you’re in.

    See if D would have just brought his tail on none of this would have happened. lol Ok, ok we both know you should have just waited but it’s hard when you’re impatient (like me) and want something done ‘right now’. I’ve got one of those ‘ give me a minute’ dudes too. lol

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