To Get Shot or Not?

So now the piggy flu is a national epidemic and people are breaking their necks to get stabbed in the arm or get some stuff sprayed up their nose in order to prevent getting sick. People are acting like Michael Jackson is giving a performance from heaven and lining up overnight and sleeping outside of the clinic to be first in line to get their shot.

Because I work in the industry (granted, not the clinical side), I’ve been urged to get the shot and I’ve been asked if I will. My answer stays the same…a big ol’ hell to the naw. I’m all for being better safe than sorry, but something  about this just doesn’t seem right. I’m going to have to just take my chances and if I do get the swine sickness, be laid out feeling rugged for a few days.

Every year people die from the regular flu, so I’m having trouble seeing how this is any different just because a different age population is feeling the most effects. There are always several different strains of the flu with slightly different symptoms going around, and this in my view is no different. I keep hearing that it’s a mild virus, so I’m not worried.

What about you? Do you have plans to get the vaccine?


5 thoughts on “To Get Shot or Not?

  1. I’m more inclined to shy away from vaccines.

    I really do believe you can manifest some negative stuff up if you sit and marinate on it for too long…All this the sky is falling mess is just there to get people up in arms….

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