Halloween Hangover

For the first time in forever, Halloween fell on a weekend. I figured all the hot messes would make an appearance. Thankfully I was wrong but I did manage to catch this on Friday when I was out at a friend’s birthday dinner. Mind you dinner was at a pretty classy location where there was nooo Halloween-ing going on.

fat tooth fairy

yeah, that’s definitely a fat dude dressed as the tooth fairy in a tutu

We live in a community with a lot of families, so I was fully expecting to have a grip of trick or treaters, but we got completely mobbed. I bought five big bags of candy–I mean like $25 worth–thinking I’d have plenty left over to bring to work on Monday. Ha.  

Trick or treating in our area is limited to between 6pm and 8:30pm. We hadn’t gotten any by 6:30 so I thought we’d be just getting a trickle of people. Then the doorbell rang. By 7:00 I think we opened our door about 40 times.  At 7:30 I had to make an emergency trip to the grocery store to get candy reinforcements. By 8 we were ready to just leave the door open and let the kids grab their own candy.

I had every intention of going to my girl’s party after we were done with the kiddies, but after all that I was straight wiped out. I ended up chilling with some neighbors and falling into bed. 

I remember growing up having the best costumes (only because my mom was a good seamstress and was able to hook me up on the cheap) and going through mine and my friends’ hoods on trick-or-treat pilgrimmages. We’d each end up with huuuuuge shopping bags full of candy that would still be largely untouched by Christmas. I’m pretty sure there is still some candy left at my parents’ house from Halloween 1986 or some ish like that. I don’t think I’ve EVER eaten all of what I got; I usually ended up trading with my friends for *ahem* homework assistance or stickers or something.

How was Halloween around your way? Any parties, etc?


6 thoughts on “Halloween Hangover

  1. Trick or treating get’s pretty intense in our area too. People drive all over town in droves so that their kids can get the most candy (greedy bastids). lolI just didn’t have it in me to keep going back and forth to the door this year.

  2. Last year we were mobbed. I thought since the temps were decent and it was a Saturday that we’d be mobbed again – NOPE. It started raining at dusk and we only have 2 kids. =(

  3. My halloween was quiet…

    It’s the first year I didn’t take my son trick-or-treating OR buy him a costume.

    Kids dare not knock on the doors of peoples homes *in my area of Bklyn* so I didn’t get any trick-or-treaters either!

    Felt damn good (if I must say so myself) LOL

  4. So, you made me remember. To start, we are one of the houses in the neighborhood that gives out the “good candy”. Word always seems to get around, so I try to do like you did and stock up. As I stood at the door in my oh-so-fabulous flapper costume, a huge passenger van pulled up in front of my house. Remember – I live in Mormon land where everyone gives birth to tribes. So, this tribe and their extended family all rush out of the van to my door. By the time they left, my candy bowl looked like the house in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Who does that? Personally, I thought it was a bit over the top but, I did feel flattered that they felt our house worthy of candy-mobbing.

  5. My husband and I went to a fundraising halloween costume party. I was really surprised to see so many large sistas in tiny costumes (dead wrong). However, I wish I had an ounce of their confidence to apply to my every day life. The bumblebee was very popular(I saw six of them). I went as the princess of the pyramid and my husband was Caesar, only one chick showed up in the my costume. She came late so I had the first showing :). Some females got tipsy and started to act like they were at a club LOL. Anyway, it was a nice gathering and very positive to see people out for a good cause.

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