Happy New Year!!

Yeah, so it’s four days into the new year so I guess the whole “Happy New Year” thing is kinda old already, right? Anyway, since it’s a new year I figured I’d try to come on back here.

I absolutely cannot believe that it’s been a decade since people were stockpiling batteries and ducttape and Prince’s 1999 was on constant replay on just about every radio station. I also can’t believe that this year marks a decade since I graduated from high school. I still remember in my “Millennium Prayer” asking God not to let the world end because I wanted to at least have my diploma before I died. I also remember cringing when I heard that daggone Will Smith song “Willennium” or something like that. I heard it during one of those year-end/decade-end TV shows and cringed just like I did the first time I heard it.

I usually don’t come up with resolutions because by June I’m not thinking about resolving to do anything except find a good spot to go on vacation. This year was no different; no resolutions, but instead a good healthy dose of self-reflection. Yeah the typical year-end ‘what the hell did I do with myself over the last 365 days’ stuff, but also a serious review of what I’ve accomplished personally, professionally, and otherwise and hope to accomplish over the next ten years.

Only over the last three or four years have I finally become happy with who I am and okay with where I am in my life. I’m no longer trying to re-vamp myself and mold myself into someone that I don’t mind seeing in the mirror every day. My life is in a good place, my mind is in a good place and come hell or high water I’m going to keep it that way. That’s got to count for something.

Great, so now that I’ve got the sappy stuff out the way….how y’all been? *waves* Happy New Year!


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