Tuesday Randoms

-You’re not fooling anyone if you’re wearing busted up, holey tennis shoes and carrying a “Lou.is Vu.itton” bag at the mall. Please mama, ditch the fake and get a nice bag from Tarjay okay?

-If you have to ask everyone and their mama if the dude you’re dating is THE ONE, chances are he’s not

-I’m sick to death of hearing how black women are lonely perpetually single characters. I wish the topic would just fall off of the internets and TV

-It’s soooo cold in the D (DMV that is…my peeps in the urrrrrrea understand)

-I miss New York and would consider moving back there if certain memories weren’t still there. 

-I got the new HTC phone and hate it. I want Ver.izon to take this ish and give me my BB back.

-I am apparently not dextrous enough to handle doing my own pedicure. Accidents happen and thank G-d I live right up the street from the nail place so they could fix it for me

-I’m mad that En.terprise tried to hustle me out of $200 when I had to rent a car while my truck was in the shop. Yep, got me a free rental out the deal. Complaining to corporate works

-Ummm, so school starts again in about two weeks. I can see the light

-Trying to get a job in the gov’t is a beast, but I’m not giving up. By the time I get in the position I’ll have good tenure at my current place maybe

-What is the purpose of companies offering ‘liberal leave’ during inclement weather when they know no one will show up? Just close the place for the day. I promise the work will still be there in two days

-What if Chapstick really did make a spray….

-The Giants and The Skins played like doodoo this season

-I’d rather watch football then Se.xandt.hecity any day

-I actually like Nick and Mariah together

-Is Ti.ger on suicide watch yet? I’m so serious about that

-How could you fix your face to say “I always keep it 100” then tell a bold faced lie?

-Why are plus sized models in magazines always skinnier than plus size?

-Vegas is calling my name…can’t wait till March. Happy Birfday to me!

-Why are so many grown people so willing to participate in e-beef? Put.that.shit.to.bed.

-Nappy roots with silky straight weave ALWAYS look bad together. ALWAYS.

-I can’t wait to buy another big ass truck!

-According to some people my likes/interests don’t really match: I drive a big azz truck, wear very classic (some would stretch and say preppy) clothing, shop at the organic market, and listen to mostly reggae, rock, hip hop, and dance music. It may not match to them, but it works for me.

-I’m looking forward to the Winter Olympics so I can crack on the figure skating dudes who fall during their routines…bad, I know.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Randoms

  1. LOL @ the busted up shoes and the LV. I so hate fake purses. If I can’t afford the real thing, I don’t want the fake. I refuse to pay $45 for a fake LV. I can get a real nice purse from TJ Maxx or Target for that price.

    I’m sick of the “if you are a black woman with education, chances are you will never marry” segments on tv and magazines.

    I so would love to live in NYC. I can see myself there. Then again, I would probably come running back to the South during the winter.

    If Chapstick made spray, I would carry a can and spray a few mofos. I can’t stand to see dry, chapped lips. Carmex is too cheap for anybody to have dry lips.

  2. You too? (Winter olympics and male skaters falling). The quad axle seems to get so many of them, these days. I also like watching the speed skater guys and their massive quads (yum!) I’m also up to watching the ski jumping. The freestyle looks scary and totally fun.

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