Work It Out Wednesday

One of my focuses this year is to become a healthier me and shed a few pounds. I’ve mentioned before I was in a horrible car accident about 5 years ago and another one in 2006 and as a result gained some unfortunate weight. I was a tap dancer for 20 years so my body isn’t feeling my fluffiness. I’m going back to teaching dance in the summer and D and I are kicking around the idea of kids so I want to be in as good of shape as possible for those things.

I’m going to try to write each Wednesday about what I’ve been doing over the course the week to get me in shape. I considered doing a weekly weigh-in, but that would involve me letting the world know how much I weigh and that…nah son. I like to share, but….nah son. I will share any weight and iches on my waist loss/gain more just to keep me accountable ya heard?

Anyhoo…I’ve started the One Hundred Pushups training program. It’s essentially a 6-7 plan to get you to the point where you can do 100 consecutive pushups. You can read about it at One Hundred Pushups. As a dancer growing up, and even playing volleyball in high school and college, my arm strength was never what it could have been. This is a super-cheap (free) way to start to build that up.

If anyone is interested in joining me, send me an email or put it in your comment and we can add your numbers (just weight lost/gained, not your starting weight if you don’t want) during the Wednesday posts so you can have a way to track yourself.


2 thoughts on “Work It Out Wednesday

  1. Good luck! The battle of the bulge is an ongoing battle for me. I guess it would help if I purchased a scale to keep me in check but I just don’t want to. LOL

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