Living Your Dreams

I got asked recently if I’m living the life of my dreams and I honestly couldn’t answer the question. Truth be told, I’ve never been one to do much dreaming about my life. Growing up, surviving got in the way of dreaming and by the time I got to college, school and my life’s excesses were in my dreams’ way.

I never really dreamed about being married and being a mom, but here I am happily married and contemplating motherhood. That must be a good thing, right? I’ve never really pictured my life past the age of 25, let alone dream about it and yup…I’m definitely past 25 now, so the question about me living my dreams hit me directly in my gut.

Right around the New Year I made myself stop for a few hours over the course of a couple of days and let myself dream. Really get into my head and let my mind kaleidoscope. My dreams didn’t involve my career, but I figured they wouldn’t since I’ve got my career goals on lock. Plus I see my career as a way to fund my dreams, not the other way around.

Anyway, the themes that kept coming back were happiness and travel. Happiness has been so elusive for me, and only when I stopped chasing it have I been able to appreciate it. Travelling is like comfort for my soul. In my dreams I fancied myself a travelling nomad type. In my dreams, I’m walking around Marrakesh looking like Sade, singing like Sade soaking up the world.

I can’t just abandon my life to do that, but little by little I’ll be letting that in my life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot, but I’m trying to see all I can see. Finally getting around to living my dreams. I’ve been walking around feeling like something was missing–a gaping hole is in my heart, and I finally have figured out that hole can only be filled by living life on my terms, living my dreams.

Are you living your dreams? If not, have you allowed yourself the time you need to dream?


3 thoughts on “Living Your Dreams

  1. I’ve put my dreams on hold and made excuses for a long time. I’m trying to recaputre them, as of late. This post was point-on.

    Speaking of Sade (who is my favorite) another ten years have gone by sine her last album (Lover’s Rock) and she’s due for a new release in February. I’m sure you’ve seen the new video for Soldier of Love, but for those who haven’t and love her as we do, check it out:|sade|20100112

  2. I kind of think I am living my dreams to a certain extent…although I never really dreamt that big to begin with. I still think my dreaming is not yet done. Sometimes I do find mysely asking, “is this all there is”? Tasha your view of work as a way to fund ur dreams is so on point. Many people are defined by what they do as opposed to how they experience life.

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