Prayers for Haiti

Haiti has been devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The nation was already suffering, and this hits. Please put some extra prayers into whomever/whatever it is you praise.

You can provide monetary help to UNICEF’s relief efforts here.


2 thoughts on “Prayers for Haiti

  1. It happened in the Carribean; where a lot of earthquakes occur. My social studies teacher answered to a kid’s question: “Why are we making a big deal about it, Why are people helping them and didnt before?” and my teacher replied: “Well, If it were you who was starving and homeless-would you want somebody to help you?” then he told us that when the United States was at war with Russia that Costa Rica wouldnt let is put missels in it so The United States could protect itself, but they said no so we dont help Costa Rica anymore but I think Haiti said yes, so thats why we’re helping. GOD BLESS HAITI!!!

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