Work It Out Wednesday

I’m still on my get it tight grind.  Yay, two whole weeks. Go me, right! Right? Riiiight. I’m trying to get myself a lil less fluffy for summer, but more importantly for life. Since New Years I’m down 4lbs. *does the Buddy Love dance from Nutty Professor….”nothin’ but aiir there, nothin but aiiiir there”*

I’ve worked out a few times using Wii Fit. Well, enough times that I got yelled at for not working out enough. Well I’ll be dammed. How is a piece of electronic stuff gon’ have the nerve to scream on me? I had half a mind to cuss back at it, but then I remembered…I’m yelling at the TV. *ahem*.

Anyhoo, I really enjoy the Fit, but I’m also looking for something else to keep me occupied when the weather is too nasty (or I’m too lazy) to take my bones to the gym. I’m going back and forth now between the Jil.lian Mic.haels thing…she’s one of the trainers from the Bi.ggest Lo.ser and the Jenn.y M.cCarthy program. I’ll probably make a decision in the next few days. I’ve been trying to find reviews of both, but haven’t found anything really worth my while, so we’ll see.

One of my coworkers asked me if I’d be willing to audition for the Bi.ggest Lo.ser with her, but I had to give a big ol’ hell naw to that one. It’s bad enough I gotta look at myself sweating and grunting when I’m working out…I don’t need the rest of the gotdamned world seeing that ish. So if you’re in the DMV and are looking for a partner to audition for the show with, get at me and we might be able to have you take my place.


2 thoughts on “Work It Out Wednesday

  1. LOL! Although I live in the DMV, I so will NOT be taking ur place! Anyway, I don’t think you are big enough to add the needed drama for that show. I am trying to lose…let me stop lying. I NEED to try and lose some weight. I go back and forth but I really need to move. I heard the Jillian Michaels workout is real good.

    So WII Fit really gives you a workout huh? I’ve been thinking about getting a WII for the family but is hesitant ever since hubby bought that dayum PS3 for $400 that hardly has games for the wee ones and we now use as a bloody bluray dvd player!

  2. Just so you know I call her Jillian Murder Michaels. You FEEEEEL that workout! My faves are No More Trouble Zones and 30 Day Shred. Her later stuff is the best. Her earlier workouts irritate me.

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