Thursday Throwback

I’ve been in a 90’s mood lately. I’ve always loved this song, and it stays in heavy rotation on my ipod. I’m not sure what the video has to do with the song, but then again there are so few videos that have to do with the song.

SWV – Right Here

Ahh yes, the days of poet blouses, riding pants, and Dwayne Wayne sunglasses. Gotta love the early 90’s. I used to keep my TV on “The Box” and make mix tapes from the radio. In the words of one of my favorite songs, “Back in the days when I was young/I’m not a kid anymore….”


3 thoughts on “Thursday Throwback

  1. Scary! Why was I listening to this over the weekend?! We could have been jamming together! I’m throwing out old tapes and had to “review” them to make sure I have the songs in mp3 version. I had this and the T.Riley mix of Right Here. 🙂 Can’t find the Rude Boys “Go Ahead and Cry” remix. I’m sad (and apparently, very old) 😉

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