Snowmageddapocalypse 2010

The snowstorms of the last few weeks have been no joke. We’re finally somewhat dug out and are getting back to normal. We got a total of about 57″ in our front yard before snow drifts. Some of the plow mountains are as high as 7 or 8 feet.

The snow just outside of our front gate was up to D's shoulders

On the sidewalk outside of our house, the snow was about 57 inches high.

This was the view out of our front door

Our front door all caked with icicles

The snow was already at my mid-thigh before the last storm. After the last snow fell, it was about as high as my neck.


I spent a large portion of my childhood and all of my undergrad time in snow country so I’m cool with Jack Frost ‘nem, but this was more than I knew what to deal with. The gutter on our first floor overhang/awning thingy fell all the way off. Now that’s stitting in our front yard waiting for the roofers to come back and fix it. They should be here tomorrow, but we’re due to get some more snow tonight so let’s see how that goes.

I’m getting kinda tired of Mother Nature cussing us out. I’ve got maybe one snowstorm left in me, and if we get any more after that I’m moving to the desert!


One thought on “Snowmageddapocalypse 2010

  1. Wow! You’ve put our snow to shame. You win…we concede (not that you were up for the contest, anyway). 🙂 Good luck out there in snow land. I’ll be praying for slow warm ups and and lots of sun (slow warm ups because a fast one would just result in crazy flooding which is just as bad).

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