Tatted Up

I got my first tattoo in Paris when I was 18. So cliche right? Go to Europe and rebel and get something like a tattoo or a piercing to declare your independence. Because of my corporate existence and my desire not to look like a piece of human tie dye, I’ve only gotten one and a half more since then. I call one a half a tattoo because I had to get the first one fixed. Even through the initial pain, however, I could see how some people can get addicted.

I love my ink, but again I’m not trying to be looking like some washed up (insert some derogatory term here) chick by the time I’m 40 with wrinkles and a stretched out tramp stamp. That said, I’ve been thinking it’s about time to get some more ink. After this, there will be one more and I’m done. Four and a half tatts is plenty, and more than a lot of chicks could handle. I have that kind of wild sreak in me though, so I’m gonna roll with it. Trust, if I didn’t work in corporate America and worried less about decorum, I’d be walking around looking like a totally different (yet still fabulous) human being.

My birthday is this coming Sunday, so that seems like as good a time as any to go ahead and get ‘er done. We’re going to Las Vegas on Tuesday for a week to celebrate, so I really want to get it done while I’m there. Call me a sucker for clichés…tattoo in Vegas, how original. I’ve got my design in mind and I know where I want to go, so hopefully I’ll be able to get an appointment.  I’m all kinds of excited. Even if I can’t get it done there, I’ll go to a local shop that come with great recommendations. I may do that anyway, just in case there are some complications I won’t have to fly clear across the coutry to cuss someone out or get my money back or whatever have you.

Anyway, speaking of Vegas, this will be our first time out there. Any recommendations for us?? We’re only going to be there a week, so we’re trying to make the best of our time. What were your favorite spots?


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