No News…

…is good news, right?

Yeah, I keep trying to tell myself that. I really have neglected this place over the last few months, and I have zero excuse for it. I’ve been reading everyone’s stuff in my reader so I really haven’t commented either. But I’m still here. I realized I missed blogging a lot when I took a look in my archives today and was reading over some of the stuff I’d written a few years back. It really was kinda nice to see what I was going through then and how far I’ve come. Nostalgia and sappy memories, aahhh*sniffles and a tear*

I took my last final this past Saturday. I can’t believe the semester went by like that! The plantation is still the plantation, with a cast of characters that hardly make sense. Life is still pretty good — mostly good days with a few bad ones thrown in to keep me humble — you know, nothing to complain about.

I have been reading a lot of hot trash on the interwebs/blogosphere lately and I can’t quite get my mind around a way to respond, but I’ll probably put my ruminations up at some point. Otherwise, just stopping by to say *hey!* and I’m still here….


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