I really don’t care what Chili wants. I do, however want her to get a new hairstylist.

The fog cloud this morning was so thick it made me wonder if the volcano ash had crept its way over here

My mama and nem are on Fac.ebook. Aw hell, now they’re adding me and sending wall posts and ish. Not understanding that their wall is visible to everyone, so they keep putting stuff like “Hi honey! Don’t forget to get to send me that spray for my Athlete’s Foot. Love, Mom” on my wall

My stepbrother got married last weeked, but the wedding was moved up to then from June because he couldn’t wait to marry his fiance. And they say black men don’t want to marry black women. Hmmm.

I’ve switched up to more healthy eating habits and my co-workers know this, yet they continue to ask if I’d like to join them at Baskin Robins for lunch. And get indignant when I say no.

Speaking of eating, when Aunt Flo comes to town I start wanting ish like grilled cheese made with pepperoni with marinara dipping sauce on the side. WTF!? That is some ridiculous mess right there. This morning I woke up dreaming about petite donuts…I need Flo to take the next train outta here.

How come you always have to pee really bad five minutes after you leave your house, even when you go before you leave?

I scared the mess out of a student driver on the highway last night. That’s what she gets for trying to impede on my commute home. Who learns to drive during rush hour? Oh well, she’d better get used to it. I wonder if her driving instructor taught her how to flip people the bird after that?

I need the Te.ab.aggers to go saddown somewhere. Where the hell were they during Katrina? They weren’t thinking about the welfare of the American people then, now were they? Screaming about Marxism, but I doubt they even know what Marx was really about.


3 thoughts on “Randomness…

  1. “Hi honey! Don’t forget to get to send me that spray for my Athlete’s Foot. Love, Mom”

    Must come back later as I am unable to read the rest of your post right now.


  2. Salt and sugar cravings at TOM are the devil! I usually crave Mexican, Chinese and Greek and want it all at the same time. For dessert? Your doughnuts sound quite lovely.

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