I got an evite the other day and I figured it was from my cousin since her birthday is next weekend. When I opened it, I saw it was from this chick I met a few years ago and haven’t really been in touch with since then. We’ve seen each other out and about but we’re not close in the least.

I saw that the evite was for her housewarming–her and her husband just bought a house and wanted to celebrate with their 200 closest friends. Yep, there were 200 people on that evite list. I’m sure they (well she really, cuz he seems to be a hermit with like two friends) invited their entire list of contacts. No problem there I guess.

Things went bad for me when on the invite it specified that they wanted only gift cards, cash or something off of their registry. Who the hell makes a housewarming registry? I can understand wanting cash, but to tell me where to get the gift card or to let me know that certain items off of the registry were preferred crosses the line. Worst of all, they had the nerve to tell the invitees that they have to bring a gift, a dish to share with the people, and $4 to cover the cost of the wine. Yo son, a cover charge for a housewarming? Where they do dat at?? What is this, a rent (mortage?) party? In the infamous words of Ed Lover…

C’mon Son! Getthefuggouttaherewiththatish! Your party is tacky.

Have y’all ever seen some tacky ish like this? Please share…


6 thoughts on “Tack-ay!

  1. I’ve heard of similar requests but never rolled into one and definitely NOT with a charge to cover costs. Da hell??????? I’d be interested to see how many people actually show up to that shindig. It wouldn’t be my black ass though. lol

  2. I’ve heard of a housewarming registry. Found out about it 5 yrs ago when I was invited to a housewarming. Stores even have a registry like a baby registry.

    They are wrong for the dish and making people bring $4. So I have to buy you a gift and cook something and stop at the ATM? I wouldn’t waste my time going.

  3. Lets see…The closest I’ve come was receiving an invite to a “special occasion” a few days before it was scheduled to happen.


    A housewarming registry?!?!?! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha


  4. Nothing quite that bad. But I recently attended a housewarming in which the owners of the house asked EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of their 87 invited “guests” to take food for everyone. I was taken aback. On top of that, they had the nerve to have Pampered Chef there. So I’ve got to take food, pay for a gift, and leave having paid something? Hell to the naw!

    The “hosts” didn’t fix a damn thing either. Needless to say, I left after a 10 minute tour of the house. If you can’t afford to cook and have people over, then you don’t need to host anything.

  5. You would not believe the TACKY sometimes used stuff people give as gifts which is why a registry of what a person really needs is appropriate (within reason of course). Asking people to bring food and money is dead wrong! This chick needs some etiquette lessons. Save yourself the hassle. Besides, who invites 200 people to a housewarming. She better hide the valuables 🙂

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