It’s June Already…

I can’t believe we’re damn near halfway done with the year already. I really just got used to saying “twenty-ten” or “two thousand ten” and not “oh-ten” or worse “oh-nine”. I guess it’s time to dust off the resolutions and promises we made earlier this year and see if we’ve made any progress.

I don’t do the resolution thing because I think it’s a setup for failure. I also think that we need to be in a mode of constant self-evaluation, reflection, and improvement. I did however, make a promise to myself that I’d work on getting healthier. Diabetes, high cholesterol, and all kinds of other (unfortunately too common in black folks) diseases run rampant in my family, so I’m trying to cut them off at the pass.

I am down about 24 lbs since January and have had some dental work done. I’m scheduled to go back to the dentist on the 3rd for an effin root canal, and have a physical scheduled. I guess I’m doing okay in that realm. Getting healthy isn’t just about losing weight. Hyper- and hypothyroidism run wild in my mom’s side of the family, so I’m hoping that my bloodwork comes back normal.

I’m also celebrating one year cancer free. The cancer cells and the disease that stirred them up haven’t come back, so I’m grateful. Things could have had a much much much worse outcome if I weren’t trying to stay on top of my health. This life is too short to play games with your body.

The family reunion in Jamaica is still slated for next month, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with going to see some people since they’re not far away from the unrest that’s been brewing down there as of late. My aunt says they’re doing well, but I’m really hoping things have settled down by the time the reunion rolls around.

I was going to take a few classes this summer, but I’m debating that since there has been a lot of stress at work lately. I have until Friday to decide and register, so I better figure something out soon. D is going back to school this summer, so I may just have to join him on the summer homework haul. We’ll see.

And since it’s June and it’s getting hot outside, I have to put out my yearly P.S.A. I’m a little late, but better late then never. Get yo’ ratchet looking feet a pedicure before you put on your cute lil gladiator sandals. Lotion is your friend. Please don’t start a forest fire with the ash accumulation on your ankles and your heels. Thanks kindly. That is all.


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