You’re beautiful baby

I bought a fitness magazine a couple of days ago and of course there was a perfectly toned, bronzed, and baby oiled body on the cover. The cover explained that there were tips to help you get toned in 8 days and lose 5 pounds in three days. I turned turned to the pages and of course saw some little skinny chick showing me how to do some squats or something. No where was there an average-sized woman showing me that I too could get my thigh jiggle under control.

I’m not lambasting the skinny woman, because yes she’s beautiful. But dammit I’m beautiful too, and so are the other women my size and those 50 pounds smaller, 50 pounds heavier and every other size there is. Just once, without having to buy the magazine aimed toward the “fluffy girl” demographic, I’d like to see someone that looks like me (or hell, at least who looks like she’s had a cheesburger before) showing me how to do some exercise. Contrary to popular belief, we like to workout too. We don’t all just sit and watch the FitTV channel and cuss. Some of us actually get up and move.

It seems like a big girl can’t catch a break. I get ridiculed when I eat at a restaurant, when I go shopping (if my size clothes are even at the mall, a bunch of retailers make me go online to get something to cover my ass with), when I walk with my husband (‘what is that sessy man doing with her??’), and when I go to the gym. The world wants me to be skinny, but doesn’t let me get comfortable enough with myself to fall in love with me. When I love me I’ll want to do better. Instead I’m made to hate my thighs, my butt, my arms. There isn’t anyone on this earth that’d want to take care of something they hate. You just let it languish and fend for itself. But that’s what “they” want; you want me to be shamed into hating my body so much that I do what I’ve got to do to make it healthy and skinny. Boo bishes.

I refuse to go out like that. Yep, I know I need to lose a few. And I’ll continue to work to do so, but above all I’ll love me whatever way I come. There is no real purpose to this rant, but just once I’d like to see an article focusing less on achieving a perfect bikini body or finding the right suit to hide your “problem areas” and instead one that focuses on what you’ve got right now and making the best of it.

Dear Tasha,

You’re beautiful. Every woman, no matter her size or shape is beautiful too.

That was my love letter to myself this morning. What was yours?


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