Booted Up!

Right now I’m attempting to analyze how I got to this point. My shoes don’t match and my left foot is the size of Texas. Why don’t they match, you ask? Well, here I sit, in a surgical boot with a fractured foot having not the slightest idea how I managed to do this to myself. Meet my new sexy footwear:

I was having ridiculous pain in my left heel, but was ignoring it and sucking down Advil like it was my job. As far as I knew, I hadn’t banged my foot or fallen; all I’d done is my usual workout routine and that involves mostly cardio–in good sneakers. No reason for my foot to be feeling like that. My annual physical was scheduled for a few days later so I figured I’d have the doctor take a look at it while I was there. When I described my symptoms to her, she said “hmm, could be plantar fascitis or a stress fracture. I’m really thinking stress fracture because the pain you’re having doesn’t line up with the plantar fascitis. I’m going to order an x-ray for you”.

So I went to the radiology spot and got my foot twisted and turned in every uncomfortable way possible while they took what felt like 300 x-rays. The radiology tech told me it’d be 48-72 hours before I heard something from my doctor. Well, 24 hours later I got a call telling me, “Mrs. F, you have an avulsion fracture far down on your left 5th metatarsal and blah blah blah…you need to wear a surgical boot for 4 weeks blah blah blah…if not feeling better in two weeks blah blah blah…come to the office”

So a tendon in my foot pulled off a fragment of bone. This type of fracture doesn’t usually require a hard cast because only a piece of bone is chipped off, but what the hell?

I’ve been in my boot now for a few days and I guess it’s comfortable. But people are mean! I’ve been out and about and had people point and stare at my foot and talk ish like I couldn’t hear them. If I’m getting this treatment with a surgery boot on, I can’t imagine what people are going through with permanent handicaps. I have a whole new respect.


4 thoughts on “Booted Up!

  1. I have a big smile on my face because I know what muscle and tendon caused your avulsion fracture! LOL It’s common. Sorry you are getting gawked at. You would think people have seen surgical boots before! How rude.

  2. Oh my gosh OUCH!!!! At least it’s comfortable.

    It makes me mad that people are so freaking insensitive and stare when they see handicapped people or people with any sort of injury. I would have wanted to kick someone with that boot, but that may not have helped your healing process. lol

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