Happy New Year (better late than never)

Sweeps away dust. Picks up mic. *Tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Is anyone still here? Either way, I figured it’s been too long since I’ve blogged and decided to stop by. After all, it is the new year and I’m sure there will be lots of bloggers with new years resolutions to update more, so here I am.

I can’t believe I haven’t logged into WordPress since August or something. Yikes and wow. Time has been absolutely flying for me. Since the last time I updated, I started a new job. I gave up the ghost with the other company and gave a shot to applying for the job of my dreams (well, the job that will get me on the track to being in my dream job anyway). I guess I’m now on the moving walkway to my goals. I work in DC now for a large health insurer and have a “title” job. Woo hoo. It’s a significant increase from the last place (like close to $20k a year different), but it’s also a long commute. I live in Frederick, and any of you who live in the DMV know that the ride down 270 to DC from Frederick (aka bumblefuck, the sticks, the boonies, whatever you want to call it) is no joke, so I’m a slave to Metro and traffic reports. I now understand the idea that if you leave your house 5 minutes late, traffic will seriously be a beeeeaaasssst. But I’m not complaining at all. I have the chance to do what I want to do and have access to some movers and shakers in the industry, so I couldn’t be happier.

D and I also put the having kids thing on hold until now, so we’re actively in that trying to conceive boat. We wanted to wait until I had a few solid months at the new place so we could beef up the savings accounts and so I wouldn’t be on my way to maternity leave in less than a year should I get pregnant right away. I have been doing my homework though, and the information out there is so overwhelming. We’ve been at this for 5 whole days and we’re like “ummmmmmm, do people realize that the babies they’re trying to hard to have will be teenagers soon? Why isn’t there much info on parenting tweens and teens out there, but a zillion websites on what to do with a squishy, squirmy baby?”. I’m not sure if I plan on writing a whole lot about the “TTC” process, since that’s been done to death on these here internets, but I’m sure it’ll come up from time to time.

There’s been a lot of other ish going on in my life, but nothing worth putting out there like that. I’m still in shock that 2010 is in the books already. It feels like yesterday that it was July and I was complaining about it being like 3,000 degrees outside and telling folks to lotion up them ankles lol. I suppose the saying “time flies after 25” is for real, even though I’ve been 25 for several years now and intend on being 25 for another few years…

So here we are in 2011, hopefully ‘twill be a good one for us all. Peace and blessings yall.


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