This Ish…

…has got to go. The random arse ice I mean. If you’re (un)lucky enough to live on the east coast then you know what I mean. It started snowing last night and I was like “Yaaaaay, finally I might get the snow day I’ve been wishing for”. See, with all the snowstorms that have been traipsing up and down the coast, DC has largely been missed so I’ve had to truck it to the plantation while everyone else it seems was laying up at home enjoying the freshly fallen snow.

This morning when I got up I saw a layer of white and that shiny sheen on top. That means ice-covered snow, and of course no announcement from the j-o-b that they were closed for the day. I laced up the boots and headed out to clean my car. As soon as I stepped out of my front gate, however I developed a case of James Brown-itis and couldn’t keep my feet still. Slip and slide, slip and side, side to side, and finally down to the ground. Now if you’ve ever seen a (not so small) woman with her feet going 900 miles per hour under her trying to stay upright while carrying a work day’s worth of papers and lunch, then you’ve seen me. Hell, that was probably me you heard cussing and fussing as I struggled to get myself back up. I’m sure your girl looked like the daggone Road Runner trying to get up. “Meeep Meeeep yall”

Anyway, I made it work safely, and slowly with a sore azz and a sore ego to match. I hope if you’re out there in this ish, you have better luck then I did. If you’re lucky enough to be somehwere with some sand and sun, please feel free to send some my way. Get at me if you need my address 😉


One thought on “This Ish…

  1. Im sorry, but this post had me cracking up as I envisioned you battling the snow.
    I will look into sending out some sun, sand, and maybe some 50 degree weather from CA your way, lol.
    Is UPS ground ok? Cus my ass is broke, lol.

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