Perfectly Crazy

Ok, so if you read this blog at all, you notice that I haven’t posted in a hot minute. Today I finally have the chance to post because I’m laid up on the couch with some funky stomach bug. Woo hoo, yay and all that. Seriously, though, I cannot believe that it is mid-February already. Valentine’s Day is Monday, and if you think I’ve even started thinking about what to get my husband and my staff for gifts, you don’t know me well. Likely, V-Day with the hubs will involve us ordering pizza, since our first Valentine’s Day together we spent snowed in my apartment and ordered pizza and chilled all day. Ahh, the memories of a simpler time. My staff, they’ll probably get something that I pick up from Target on Sunday night just as the store is ready to close and they’re about to kick me out of the store.

That’s just how life has been for me lately. Right now, I’m working full time (obviously) but I’m also taking 18 credits too. Six classes plus a 45-50 hour work week (that it takes me 1.5 hours each way to commute to) equals me left with damn near zero extra time and a whole lot of “want to dos” and nothing checked off of the list. Thank the stars above D is really good about cooking dinner and making sure I slow down enough to get some quality time for myself, for the two of us, and time for me to hang out with my girlfriends. I don’t know what man is like “go see your girls, they miss you”, but I lucked out with this one.

Taking 18 credits was not in my plan for this semester, but your girl is trying to get things done quickly and be done by the end of summer. Attempting to work on a thesis while riding the subway gets old. Very quickly, but this is my life right now. D and I also work opposite shifts, so we’re not really home together very often (we see each other about 2 hours a day during the week if we’re lucky). So this baby making thing is a joke right now. We know me working on this grad school ish is best for my career right now and he’s also in trainng since he got a promotion (he’s now a firearms instructor, yay!) so when baby D&T does decide to make his/her entrance into the world, his/her parents won’t be trying to pack school, work, home, and everything else into our lifves as parents and we can actually be a less chaotic family.

For what it’s worth, though I wouldn’t want it any other way right now. The chaos is perfect and is reminding us about what’s important. We’re both super tired, but in the end we’ll be making more $ with less work…funny how that works, right? We’ll also be able to slow down a bit. The light is dim at the end of the tunnel right now, but it’s shining and getting brighter with every passing day.

I’m still here, I’m still writing…hopefully the next time I post won’t be on another sick day. Your girl cannot afford to be sick in the midst ofchaos.


3 thoughts on “Perfectly Crazy

    • I guess I do. No one has ever asked me about it before. I didn’t think what was going on over here was interesting enough to warrant a guest-anything!

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