Valentine’s Day Ruminations

-Today is the day people either love or love to hate. I’m somewhere in the middle…I like the day but I like to keep it super low key.

-I can understand why some people get a little bitter/jealous/otherwise not really feelin’ it on this day, but to have an all out “I Hate Valentine’s Day” funk and be mad at people in relationships for the whole week doesn’t make sense

-I witnessed a proposal on the train today. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that.  A proposal on a funky, crowded subway. I think she said yes but the poor thing was mortified.

-I like the holiday and all, but my favorite day is really February 15th when all of the Valentine’s Day candy is 75% off

-This is V-Day #5 for D and I. Yay Team D&T. I can’t believe time is going so fast. We’re aging like fine wine

-We NEVER ever go out to eat, but always order pizza instead. Our first V-day together we were snowed in my apartment and had to order in. So this is our way to celebrate that. Go ahead and say “awww” or wrench your face up wtih the “you two make me sick” look.

-There needs to be a moratorium on older, typically white (no offense here…just observation) women wearing head to toe red on this day. Yep, we see the calendar too. We know what day it is.

-Why oh why did I see white tights with red hearts all over them à la little girl-wear, but for grown arse women?? I would call the fashion emergency 911 line if I saw someone in those at my job.

-I’m still trying to make sense of the crazy arse V-day weave I saw yesterday. I tried to get a picture, but couldn’t. This thing was candy apple red, with white feathers sticking out the top of the bun-thingy that was at the back of her head. Three layers of finger waves that looked like lizard scales. I don’t understand. This will be the same chick hollerin about how she can’t get a damn job. Personal expression be damned. Jesus be a shampoo bottle and some sense.

-So when did red velvet become the ambassador of Valentine’s Day? I’ve seen red velvet cake, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, whoopee pies, ice cream, and frozen yogurt all to mark the occasion. Too much of a good thing is very very bad.

-My co worker has been trying to lose weight for this holiday. She’s like…”I gotta be ready to take pics for Fac.eb.ook with the big ass bouquet of flowers that I’m suuuuure my boo is gonna have sent to the job”. It’s almost 11AM and there are no flowers yet.


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ruminations

  1. I’m in total agreement with your first statement. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day and celebrating it in a nice, low key way with my hubby. I’m not a fan of huge, over the top displays and gestures. Thank goodness hubs has known he long enough and has not given me any jumbo balloons or musical cards since college. *lol*

  2. ROFL! Please tell my your coworkers boo sent them flowers! hahahahahahahaha

    Maybe that guy and girl met on the train that’s why he popped the question there *shrug*

    75% candy! Yeah baybay! LOL

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