A Visual Representation of My Morning

This is how things went for me today and how they happen pretty much every morning:

Wake up late as hell

Say "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!!" a few times

Spin around in circles like Taz trying to get showered, etc

Get dressed lightning speed, likely snagging pantyhose along the way. Wishing I looked as put together as this chick

Drive 100 mph to the train station and pray I don't get pulled over.

Hop on the train. Stuff myself into the only available seat, that's too small for a child, let alone my full-grown self

Thank God I wore flats as I sprint from my train stop to my office 4 blocks away

Get to work and do this right here.


4 thoughts on “A Visual Representation of My Morning

  1. Welcome to my world as a grown-up. In So Cal we have to throw in the commute traffic. It’s adds more spice to the hectic pace.

    Take a deep breath and have a good day.

    • My commute traffic is a beast here in the DC area too. I drive 20 miles to the train station and that can sometimes take 45+ minutes. I then spend another 40+ minutes on the subway. I love my commute! (*rolls eyes*)

  2. And I thought I had it bad. I’m going to empty my glass filled with commuter complaints, and fill it with empathy for what you’re experiencing.

    A very funny way to illustrate your commuting nightmare, or should I say daymare.

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