Rest In Perfect Peace Grams

Late last night, D’s grandmother passed away. She was 93 years old and until recently, in fairly good health. She’d suffered with pneumonia, diabetes, and kidney failure in the last year or so. A few weeks ago, she went into the hospital to have a toe amputated due to diabetic gangreene (her other leg was amputated several years ago) and things went down hill from there. She was brought home last week for hospice care and finally passed last night. She never regained consciousness after being brought home, so we are surprised that she lived this long.

D and her didn’t always have the best relationship, but like with many things time healed a lot and they became very close after D and I stareted dating. Her and I had a special bond, and even during our wedding she gave me a wink of approval as we said vows.

Although we had some time to say our goodbyes, and D was able to see her a few days ago, things are still sad. Of course, death brings out the worst in some people so there will be struggles between family members in the weeks to come. We are, however, relieved that she is not suffering and passed quietly in her sleep.

Final details are still being worked out but we think the funeral weill be on Monday. My poor hubs has taken things kind of hard, but has managed to crack a smile here and there. My family even wants to come down to give their final respects, but even if they can’t we know where their hearts are.

She has gone gently into the night, onto eternal rest with the Lord.

Rest in perfect peace Grandma Hattie. You are loved.


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