Persistence Doesn’t Always Pay

I went to the nail shop today, like I do one Sunday every month to get my shellac manicure (I swear by it…no chips and it lasts almost a month). Instead of going to my regular place, I stopped by a new spot to see if they’re any good. I’m all for people trying to hustle, but these people are persistent in all the wrong ways!

Nail Lady: “You get eyebrows today? $8”

Me: “Nope, just nails today”

Nail Lady: “Great! You do eyebrows! $8!”

Me: “No eyebrows today, thanks though”

Nail Lady: “You come back here *motioning to the back of the shop* with me when nails dry for eyebrows! $8!!”

Me: “LOOK! I’m not getting my damn eyebrows waxed today. Okay!? Stop asking me and stop telling me!”

Nail Lady: “Oooh you get so ghetto when you mad! Funny lady!”

Me: “For real?? You can’t conjugate a verb the right way to ask me if I’ll be getting my eyebrows waxed today, but you know about ghetto?? Ehhhh??

Nail Lady: *blank stare* Your total $35 for today. Thank you!!


Seriously, what in the entire hell? They haven’t had much traffic since they’ve opened and now I see why. Plus my nails were all jacked up and I had to get her to fix it twice. I’ll be going back to my usual spot next time.


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