I Ain’t Dead!

So my faux new year’s resolution was to post more often and give more attention to this here blog. Well of course that didn’t happen, but this time it isn’t my fault. For some jammed up reason, I haven’t been able to log into wordpress for over two weeks. I was finally able to get it resolved today. When I got in here, I expected to find that the spam crypt had exploded. Luckily, that didn’t happen and all is just fine.

Anyhoo, I suppose I should catch up on what’s been going on in my little corner of the world since I really dedicated any time to writing. I’m still working in DC and still battling the hellish commute, but I still love my job so I keep on commuting. I was promoted in September but I still have the same staff to manage and most of the same responsibilities and most of all the same pay, so I think they just handed me a title to shut me up (I wasn’t complaining about my old title, but ehh). I heard something about raises this year, but if they come great — if not, I’m happy just to have a decent paying job in this economy.

D is still D. Doing what D does. (Does that qualify as a limerick?). He goes out and fights crime at night, then comes home and is a great friend/hubby. We been married a good while now and I still don’t have any major complaints. Mama-in-law, you raised a good one.

We still don’t have kids, although D may be getting a K-9 parter soon so that will be our kid. If a human kid shows up, the K-9 will still be our furbaby. We’ve decided not to take the whole trying to conceive thing too seriously for now. We’re enjoying traveling and hanging out just the two of us, having separate activities, exploring our interests and the like. When/if there’s a baby, that’s great. God’s got this one. I may revisit that in a year or two, but for now we’re staying away from the TTC stress. I see too many people bugging out about it (not that it’s a bad thing to do that). I’m well informed about my body and its potential fertility limitations, due to having a mom who is a labor and delivery nurse and also because my OB/Gyn is so helpful, so I’m confident going the route we’ve decided to go.

In July 2011, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). I was going through a period of EXTREME pain for about 7 weeks before I was diagnosed. I was lucky because some people have those periods and don’t get diagnosed for years. The disease runs in my family, so I’m not surprised about it. Luckily,  I don’t have the kind that causes the “mask” that most people associate with Lupus. There are actually a few kinds of Lupus. The one I have is more generalized so my symptoms tend to affect my entire body rather than just a small portion. It’s an autoimmune disorder, so I have to be careful not to stress myself out too much. Any extra stress on my immune system can lead to an  INCREDIBLY painful flare up. I was actually in the hospital on Monday of this week dealing with a fonky flare as I call it. I’ll go into more detail about the disease another time, but suffice it to say that isht is horrible at times. I’m grateful for it though because I’m forced to be good to myself and take better care of me. So while some people are like “ooh, I need to keep this vanity 5 lbs off”, etc. I’m like “if I don’t stay in shape it could be lights out for me”.

There is so little awareness about Lupus; we don’t have three-day walks and celebrities with cute shirts so we don’t rake in money for research like other diseases. We have Toni Braxton and that’s about it. She’s an awesome spokesperson, don’t get me wrong. We also have Venus Williams who has Sjogren’s Syndrome which is a lot like Lupus, but again it’s another disease entirely so we don’t get much hype in the media. It took me a while to figure out that our “color” is purple and our “mascot” is a butterfly. So now I rock purple as often as I can (luckily it’s also one of my favorite colors), and I’ll be training for a local 10k to be held in a few months to raise money for the Lupus Research Institute. I’m lucky my Lupus is fairly mild; there are some people who are unable to work. I do get completely exhausted sometimes though, so now I keep a cot in my office that I can take a snooze on if I need to during the day. My job is so totally supportive of me, it’s great.

Outside of those things, not much has been going on in my lil world except for school. I’m a semester and a half away from being done with grad school and my evenings are nothing but homework. I know in the end it will be worth it, so I’m pushing on. I’ve had a hard time finding a groove with work, school, managing my home/hubs, taking care of my lupus, and now blogging again. But I think it’s possible. Here we go…


5 thoughts on “I Ain’t Dead!

  1. I really hate to hear about your diagnosis. I received my ‘fateful’ news about a year and a half ago. Same here….SLE. Overall it’s not been to awful but there are some days where my joints just act a plum fool! I’ve not had the butterfly rash either but I have do have random break outs on my face and back. Gross. I’ve been on Plaquenil for a few months now and have noticed some improvements in that area. Here’s hoping the best for both of us.

    • Girl!! My joints some days feel like they’re on prison lockdown. I tried Plaquenil for a minute but it gave me the worst heartburn. I swore a big hole was being burned in my stomach from the inside out. So right now I’m not on anything everyday. I am on the tail end of a bad flare, so I’m on a Prednisone taper at the moment…yuck.

  2. Glad to hear that things are overall pretty great in your world. Sorry to hear about your SLE diagnosis. I had no idea that the color for Lupus was purple. I think that’s pancreatic cancer as well. I wish you well with your health and treatment.

  3. “So now I rock purple as often as I can (luckily it’s also one of my favorite colors), and I’ll be training for a local 10k to be held in a few months to raise money for the Lupus Research Institute.”

    Keep us updated on that! I’m definitely interested in supporting you.

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