Monday Randoms

-I just couldn’t get it together to blog about Whitney. My heart was just broken. Tore up and all of that. Yeah, I still don’t have the words so I’ll leave it alone.

-My birthday is in two days and I still don’t know what I want to do. I think I want to keep it way low key, especially because it’s on a Wednesday

-Today is my first day in the office since last Tuesday. I have bronchitis and have been laid completely the hell out since then. I’m really not right today, but I guess I should put in at least a half-day of face time.

-My rheumatologist told me that my SLE may have started to affect my lungs. She didn’t give me any advice after that. Word? That’s how you treat patients now?? Needless to say, I’m in the process of switching, but it’s hard to find doctors who know how to treat Lupus properly

-My girlfriend wanted to go dancing (read: prowl for men in DC while wearing shoes of questionable height) but I declined because that was the first time D had been home on a Friday night in 9 weeks. She knows he and I work opposite shifts and barely see each other, but still got completely FONKY with me for “never being available for her”. Never mind there have been several recent instances of her calling me at 2 or 3 AM resulting in me either going to her or listening to her b*tch while I fight sleep. I can’t take needy bishes so yeah, guess I’ll be seein ya homie. Deuces chunked. I let the softie in me almost get suckered.

-I need the Bra.xt.ons to get their weave game together a little bit more. Everytime I watch that show I wonder if maybe, just maybe the weave addiction contributed a bit to Toni’s $ issues back in the day. I hear they spend good money on those wigs/weaves/lacefronts yet they can’t manage to get a real looking one with a decent “skin” part.

-I intended to do the February post a day, but it’s March now. Ooops *whistles and looks down*

-The Girl Sco.ut Cookie hustle is real. They sit out there in front of the grocery store and the gas station and the post office…even the damn doctor’s office now. I’m not sure what they’re teaching the girls these days, but hustling must be high on the list. In the 10 minutes I sat in the car while D got gas, I watched 8 small girls put the heat on like 5 people…all giving up their money in the end. And yeah, they got me too a few days later. When I was a Girl Sco.ut, we went door to door and shyt, hitting up family and friends like you needed a kidney. None of this sit and sell as a group mess. We were out there alone with an order form and a pen. My individual cookie sales record from 1992 for my region still stands. 20 years yall!! *sits down in my rocking chair to tell stories to the kids*

-My google reader is a mess. I have so many to read, but I think I’m just going to hit “Mark all as read” and keep it trucking. Last time I checked, I had like 1142 to read. I dunno. Maybe I’ll ditch the reader all together. I like to visit actual blogs and such.

-It’s about that time for our yearly pilgrimmage to Vegas. At this point, I don’t even care if we get to Vegas; I just need to get away from DC for a little while.

-Like so many others, Pinterest is my crack. It really is every little thing for me at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Monday Randoms

  1. I donated cookies from my friends daughter that sells cookies every year! This is the FIRST year I didn’t take the box(es) I’ve brought! LOL. I have only eaten 2 thin mints this year and they were offered to me from someone else! I am very proud of that cuz I am trying to lose some of this jelly! LOL

    Girllllllll you betta stay home with your man if you never get to really see him! Your girl probably found someone else to party and look for guys that night. Glad the softie didn’t win.

    Hope you find a good doc soon.

    Nobody is really posting on the regular anymore…at least the folks I read, so don’t feel bad, LOL

  2. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a great one.
    Nope, I wasn’t able to pull it together for Whit either. Maybe in a few months.
    I had bronchitis too and was down for a few days. I hate having that dinosaur on my chest!
    When my google reader gets to 1000+, I feel like such a failure! *lol* I hit delete all, but I always fear that I’m going to miss something big. And I almost did last week – 2 engagements and 1 birth. **smh** What to do???
    Pinterest is HEAVEN!

  3. Oh, the Girl Scout cookies…

    You know they got me last week when I was going to the library to get some books on hold. Did the guilt trip thing and everything. I ended up with a box of Thin Mints that I previously had no intention of getting. And today a different group was selling them at a different location and they didn’t go after me, but because I saw they were a group of girls of color (they looked Middle Eastern and were wearing head coverings), I had to support them. They seemed like a nice group of girls/women chaperones. Bought Trefoils this time. I’ve yet to get the Savannah Smiles, but sampled them and they’re good. I gotta get a box! (They didn’t have them today.)

    I hope you can find a good doctor. It’s hard finding one that’s not only knowledgeable, but is kind and someone you can communicate with.

    And good riddance to the friend who gave you grief because you didn’t go clubbing with her. Who does that?! So immature.

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