Who Is This Broad?

I grew up shuttling between Upstate NY and NYC and transplanted myself to the DC Metro Area — fondly known as the “urrrea” or “the DMV” — in 2005 to do the post-college adulthood thing and become a student loan repayment refugee. I married D, aka PoliceBoy, a law enforcement officer and Army veteran, in late 2007 and we’ve been making it work with equal doses of love and hilarity ever since. We moved to Upstate NY in December 2013 for D to take big strides in his law enforcement career. I work in healthcare Network Operations, somehow managing to put my college education to good use (just don’t tell Sallie Mae, mmmkay?). D is loving his new-found “yankee” status and I’m happy to be back in my stomping grounds, and although we both miss the DMV and our friends and family we don’t miss it enough to move back to the beltway grind.

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus (SLE) in 2011, and while it has slowed me down it definitely hasn’t stopped me. I work hard, think hard, play hard, and love even harder. I wear my feelings on my sleeve, and for that I’ll never be ashamed. I’m an introvert who’s not afraid to run her mouth, but at the same time completely crazy yet always genuine. I’m enjoying this life journey — missteps and all. Tap dancer. Lupus warrior, Semi-fabulous nerd, Certified oddball. This is my take on life as I live it.

Email me: labellanoire@gmail.com or nikkiastha@gmail.com

Find me on Facebook and Instagram. Also on pinterest as frankiebelle


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