30 Day Blog Challenge – #1

I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers,  Single Ma (read the description on her site — I linked directly to the list), but I believe she may have gotten it from somewhere else herself. There are  30 different topics to blog about over the course of 30 days. I’ve decided to modify it a bit, since there are other things I want to get into as well, but I hope this will get me on a more consistent blogging streak. I’ll do all 30 items in the order that they are listed, but won’t do them every day. I’ll just put what number I’m on so I can keep track.

First up is to list ten random facts about yourself. I’ve done lists like this before on this blog, so I had a hard time coming up with ten more. But here goes:

1. I’m like my own personal ‘Shazam’ app. All I need is to hear one or two bars of most any song and even if I’m not familiar with it, I’ll figure it out within a few minutes

2. When I get overtired, I get unusually focused and productive. However, that only lasts about an hour before I crash and burn wherever I am.

3. I sleepwalk on occasion. I don’t ever leave my bedroom, but I have found myself waking up in strange places like on the floor in front of my dresser. I don’t take Amb.ien or anything like that and I’ve done this since I was a kid. It took D some getting used to, but now he just guides me back to bed if he catches me while I’m walking.

4. When I’m counting items quickly, like the number of pages in a document or number of items in my grocery cart (to see if I can sneak into the express line), I count in French. It’s faster and more natural for me that way. *shrugs*

5. I love blankets with satin edges. I prefer when the satin binding is on all four sides, but I’ll take a blanket that only has it on the top and bottom edges. Whenever we buy new winter blankets, I always sew the satin binding on if it’s not already there. I love rubbing my fingers on the cool parts of the satin at night. When I was a kid I called them “feely blankets”.

6. When I hand write something, I typically use the normal combination of upper and lowercase letters. However, when I’m filling out a document like something at the doctors office or an application I always write in capital letters. In elementary school I loved how neat some people’s all-caps writing looked so I actually tried to model my own handwriting after that. I get a lot of compliments on my handwriting, saying it looks like an architect’s, but it’s not as neat as the writing I admired as a kid.

7. I love shoes, but I don’t really like to wear them. I even have a Loub.outin fund, and drool over the ones on the Bergd.orf Goodm.an website but would be cool in no shoes or Vibra.m Five Fingers shoes (if they weren’t so hideous) for the rest of my days.

8. Speaking of footwear, I love cute socks. You know, the kind with ladybugs or frogs or stars or whatever on them? I have about 30 pairs and am always rotating my stock. New pair in, old pair out. I do that so 1) I don’t end up with a massive stash o’ socks and 2) so I don’t get bored with them.

9. The sight of buttons that aren’t attached to either their garment or the card they come on at the fabric store give me the creeps. My grandmother used to have a tin full of loose buttons and for some reason they looked like eyes staring at me. I’d actually cry as a four or five year old when she wanted me to get a button for her. It’s not nearly that serious now, but when I buy clothes and they come with the bag of spare buttons, I sort of cringe when I have to put the bag in with my sewing supplies.

10. When I write emails, I always type the message first, then add the subject, then add the addresses. On replies, I delete the email address then type the response, then finally add the address and hit Send. I effed up once and sent a crazy email to the wrong person so I’ve been paranoid about it ever since.